Hoodownr is a mobile game that promotes offline activity and discovery.

now available for android : select the most suitable package for you

Single Adventurer kit

The deep topographer starts solo

Perfect for keeping track of your walks, tagging interesting locations for yourself and for the local clan you belong.

Your keys to the #urbex highway.

buy now for 7€

Beginning clan kit

Your very own clan with slots for 5 players.

Keep your tags and chats within your own group of friends and show your clan on the global map.

Let the hood takeover wars begin!

buy now for 30€

Advanced Clan kit

A clan and slots for 30 players.

This is the one for your company or sports team.

See the collective efforts of your players on the global map, compete against other big clans for activity points and area dominance!

buy now for 250€

explore the great outdoors

Hoodownr is a social game where real life discovery starts in your neighbourhood

Go on foot, take to a bicycle or tag along with friends

You can even join clans to takeover hoods for bragging rights

We want people to move, talk and play in a casual and fun setting. Fight boredom and isolation - jump in now!

how to play

Start the app on your smartphone

Now here's the tough bit: Put the phone back in your pocket

Now walk out there, take a different route back and conquer civilisation


What does taking over hoods (ownage) look like?

Global map. Your territory is green and the reds belong to someone else.
two players competing
Teamwork triumphs : Barry is humbled!

Better Together

Exploring and taking over hoods is much more fun with a friend or two. Even more so with a clan!

Create adventures for your friends and get them to find cool places they never knew about. You can even give them riddles to solve!

Getting together with new people and clans might sound intimidating at first (especially if you're the inside type). But getting outside of your comfort zone not only nets you stronger Ownage but forges stronger relationships with people in the real world.

project timeline

Osuuskunta Hastur has been designing Hoodownr for 2 years now. The game has been in production since may 2013

We were invited to assembly2013 to showcase our game. We were the only team that was invited out of all the other game projects in Finland.

We ranked on the top 10 of Sitras health game competition, Gesundheit. As a result, Sitra invited us to join their workshop at wärkfest and helped to promote our game at slush 2013.

Currently we are working on a fully playable pre-beta with basic gameplay and simple tools to build adventures

Find out more about our game project on our Blog and on our Facebook Page. Jump in!

Osuuskunta Hastur, Revonkuja 7 a 14, 90530 Oulu. Email: happy.hastur@gmail.com Tel: 358-41-3643154